Subject: UPDATES SEPT. 4th - 9th 2017
Marines, Associates, FMF Corpsmen, Chaplains;
Alex is at home resting and doing well. Please give Mary a call before going to visit him.
Bill is home also and doing great. Crystal says that he is navigating the stairs to their apartment and taking Cara for a walk..
The Detachment helped two veterans this past week. One with his water bill and the other with tuition at Glendale Community College.
One day last week I received a call from a veteran organization that had a lady that wanted to give a veteran a car. At the time, I didn’t have knowledge of anyone in need of one. A couple of days later, I received a call from another veteran group that has worked with us with a veteran who is on 100% disability, a wife and two kids and on hard times. He needed a car to get  back and forth to work. I connected the two organizations and they got with the lady with the car and the veteran received the car. The lady donated the car even paid for the registration of the vehicle.
I would like to thank everyone that was at the work party at Randy Miller’s on Sat. the 9th.  
The Detachment is looking for volunteers to man a table at the Glendale Stand Up at Glendale Community College on Saturday Sept. 23rd, from 0800 –1300. The uniform is to be determined.  There will be a sign up sheet at the meeting but if you are interested, please give me a call.  I know the Growl is that date but the start time has been moved to 1:30 and Randy’s house is less than 5 minutes away.
God Bless America, the Marine Corps, Marines, Associates FMF Corpsmen and Chaplains and all the Military Personal Defending this Great Country.
Semper Fi